My 49 plymouth turns over but won't start

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My 49 plymouth turns over but won't start

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Hey guys! I live in Anderson Alabama and I recently got a 49 plymouth special deluxe from my great uncle. It was missing a few parts like the ignition lock cylinder and the ignition coil so I replaced those and when I put the battery in and turned it over the engine turned over but did not ignite!! I'm going today to get new plugs and new points but If that doesn't fix it I was just wondering if anyone else had any clues to what the problem could be? Any information will be greatly appreciated! It has been converted to a 12v I'm only 19 so I do to have that much experience with older cars! I tried to take the points off today and after I got them off I tried to remove the plate to see the springs and gears beneath but the was a lever that came out the side and it had a small clip keeping it pressed down or something and it's so small I couldn't see but I tried to pull it over the hump and it stopped so I think there is a clip keeping it on..

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Re: My 49 plymouth turns over but won't start

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Hi Austin ..... track down the "Service Manual" for the 49-50 versions and study up. There are lots of options why it won't start.

1. Fuel delivery messed up ... carb, fuel pump, lines, filter, no gas, old gas, leaks
2. Wires
3. Plugs
4. Timing
5. Carburetor and settings
6. Coil
7. Points gapped wrong or not installed correctly.
8. Condenser bad.

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Re: My 49 plymouth turns over but won't start

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I bought one of these ... c5&vxp=mtr
Worth it's weight in gold to me!

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