Welcome to 49plymouth.com!

I created this web site when I was started an off-the-frame restoration of my '49 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 door. As I collect information about this car I have been adding it to the web site. It has become a place to store my "notes", share my restoration progress, get help and provide help to others with their Plymouths.

I have always wanted to own an old car ever since I was given my first old car matchbox car. Somehow I always knew that I would own one some day. I had gone to many car shows and had seen all the makes and models. They say that when you find the right car for yourself, you know that it's the car. Well when I saw the 49 Plymouth sitting infront of a used car lot I knew that was my car. I bought it July 19, 1996. The dealer gave me a stern lecture to take care of the car. It wasn't to be my daily car. I promised him that I would take care of it. I fixed up a few little things and took it to car shows. It was in fair condition and in no way a show car, but people always stopped to check out my car. One day the engine didn't sound right so I garaged it in April 2000.

I decided that if I was going to tackle this project I was going to do it right. A complete off the frame restoration. The car is now completely taken apart, off the frame, everything in labeled zip lock bags, the paint stripped off.

My reason for making this web site is to provide information and perhaps get help with my own restoration. During the four years that I have owned my car, I have seen very few others. At the '97 Back To The Fifties in St. Paul Minnesota, my car was 1 of 2 '49 Plymouth Special Deluxes out of 8000 cars! Finding information and collectable material seems like a tough thing to do. So to help others restoring this car I am sharing my information.

So, if you own a '49 Plymouth, are a fan of Plymouth automobiles, or just like old cars, I hope you enjoy this web site!

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-Paul Schettner

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