1949 plymouth special deluxe questions

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Hey! I'm new here.
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1949 plymouth special deluxe questions

Post by miloiaulualo » Fri Apr 18th, 2014 5:08

Hello I'm new to this site and have many questions about a 49 plymouth I am about to buy. I have never own a classic and 90% of all builds ive done are offroad and lifted trucks. I guess my first question is how are the 6v systems? should i convert from what I read it sounds sacrilegious and is more work than its worth. Also this car is for my mother and I would like to keep it original but she hates manuals....any suggestions on an easy swap? readily available or junkyard swaps preferred. It has a flathead 6 in it and a 3spd overdrive the guy put in from a different car. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated even if its about other quirks or tricks to restoring one of these. thanks.
49 plymouth car.jpg
This is the one I'm buying.
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Re: 1949 plymouth special deluxe questions

Post by Root Beer Stand » Fri Apr 18th, 2014 7:51

A 6 volt positive ground alternator and bracket are cheap and an easy swap!
BTW a nice car in the picture
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Re: 1949 plymouth special deluxe questions

Post by Johnny_S » Mon Apr 21st, 2014 4:42


If you want to run lots of accessories you may wish to convert to 12 v. There are kits on eBay that bring the parts together or you can read through the Mopar forums to see how others have done it. It's sort of a "If depends" answer depending on what you want to add in. If its air conditioning and an amp ..... it's a no brainer. If you just want to be able to start the car .... and run the AM .... the existing system works fine.

Body rust in the rockers and behind the rear wheels (in front of the rear bumper ... underneath) are the prime rust spots.

3-speed overdrive can work like a charm or be a little fickle. But it's a nice addition.

Rear end is 4.10 so top speed is about 60 mph with 55 mph being a comfortable cruising speed in most. The overdrive pushes that up some.

Parts prices have risen quite a bit over the last 10 years or so due to more folks working on 1942 - 1952 Plymouths. 1949 P17 and P18's have seen parts prices rise quite a bit. Availability is still pretty good but folks doing reproduction work come and go.

Engines run about 60 - 70,000 before needing an overhaul. Some folks go to a swap and we see pretty much any combination you can think of. But a small block Mopar or Chevy seems to be the most common.

Brakes are a weak point, set right and in good condition they are fine .... but you can convert to disk on the front fairly easily. Adding a different shock mount to the frame helps with preventing "wallow" to the body as you drive. Again ... a "nice to do" thing ... not a "have to do".


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