48 or 49 Plymouth ????

Need help finding out what model or year Plymouth you have? Need to ID a part?
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Dick B
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48 or 49 Plymouth ????

Post by Dick B » Wed Sep 16th, 2009 7:51

Ok here has been my question in the back of my head since Annabel and I got together. Is she a 48 or a 49? The title says 49 but the body and everything I can find says 48.
The problem is, When I need to order parts , look up part numbers and such which do I use. I realize many are the same but dont want to return parts if they do not fit.
Thanks fer the hep

thingy & Cathy
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Re: 48 or 49 Plymouth ????

Post by Specialdeluxe » Wed Sep 16th, 2009 9:24

It's a '48 that was titled in '49. A 1949 first series Plymouth. Plymouth was late coming out with their new 1949 model and some 1948 models were still made in 1949.

Good going in your Plymouth! :driving:

Paul Schettner
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Re: 48 or 49 Plymouth ????

Post by roughn3ck » Thu Sep 17th, 2009 7:02

yea hes right so when looking for parts look for 48 model parts and your car is very nice i really like it

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