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Possible Value?

Posted: Tue May 20th, 2003 1:02
by LukeCom
My wife's Great Grand Father pasted away and left a 1949 Special Deluxe and her mother has no idea the value of it and does not want to get ripped off. We took it for a drive and it runs perfectly. Always garaged no rust and the interior is in mint condition. Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Possible Value?

Posted: Sun Aug 3rd, 2003 3:58
by rojoknight
I have a 1939 ford coupe since I was 16. I'm 63 now. The price over the years was as less as $100 and high as $50,000. My advice to you since 2003 is a awful year to dispose of any classic is to hang on to it. It cost you nothing and poor ole great grandfather went through the pain and suffering keeping it all these years. I have 18 classics including a 1949 Plymouth business coupe. Unlike your wifes great grandfather you will read about a event that will certainly make the papers when I die. I proposed in my will they be all lined up in one of my pastures, and soaked with gasoline and burned. That way no one has to worry about the value of them. :D

Re: Possible Value?

Posted: Tue Aug 19th, 2003 7:05
by Johnny_S
May you live forever........


Re: Possible Value?

Posted: Tue Aug 19th, 2003 7:09
by Johnny_S

Do you have a 2 door or 4 door?   Business coupe or Club Coupe?  

Values range from $250 for a parts car to $34,000 for a rodded 49 Convertible I saw recently.  

Perfect coupes and sedan sell for 3000-9000 depending on condition (at least 3 or above).

Convertibles sell for 10000-20000 typically.   Condition Condition Condition. ???

Re: Possible Value?

Posted: Sat Apr 29th, 2017 12:34
by Kilo
I am from central FL. I bought my 1949 for $4k. All the other 1949s sell for $10k plus down here