1950 Plymouth P18 for sale

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1950 Plymouth P18 for sale

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I have this 1950 Plymouth P-18.It is a RARE catch. I was going to put a Hemi and the appropiate running gear in the chassis and keep the apparence as stock as possible, However illness is going to prevent this so everything I have is for sale. The car is stripped to frame at this point the body is CHERRY ( see pictures) the frame and all suspension parts have been sandblasted and is ready for paint or powder coat. The front fenders are the only parts that have been motified at this point ( they have been made into one piece fenders ( see pictures). I have done no cutting of frame at this point however if interested in putting Hemi/ auto trans and rear end in I have complete plans. I have ALL the original parts as well as a parted out Dodge Magnum the Engine, Transmission,Rear end and all the computers needed to operate. I also have all the interior parts of the magnum. This piece can be built back to complete stock or as a crusier with a hemi which ever you want. I am asking $10,000 for everything all Plymouth and magnum parts. I will send anoter post with more pics
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