1949 4 door Deluxe

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1949 4 door Deluxe

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A very good friend of mine left a 1949 Deluxe in my possession when he passed away in 1992. It has been sitting the entire time but I'm rather certain there are some good parts on this car that someone would like to get a hold of. The car has all the glass, sun visor, body has a pretty good dent in the trunk, front end is in boxes as he was rebuilding it at the time of his death but I've got all the parts he left behind. Needs total restoration or good for parts. This car is sold, now just a memory. Good luck to all who are restoring these dandy automobiles.
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Re: 1949 4 door Deluxe

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I know several folks here in the forum are looking for a sun visor for sure.

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