2010 Keeneland Concours

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2010 Keeneland Concours

Post by dsweidman » Thu Jul 22nd, 2010 6:13

Last week end we drove our Plymouth to Lexington, KY to take part in the Keeneland Concours. Over 600 miles round trip and the Plymouth performed wonderfuly. What a pleasure to drive a 60 year old machine. Mostly back roads and a few hours on the highway.

The concours is a fund raiser for the KY Childrens hospital--a very worth cause. The Keeneland race track (horses, of course) is a beautiful setting for a show. We were treated to a great southern style lunch and all the classic machines one would want to see.

We we in a class with 7 other gorgeous cars. '53 Studebaker, '57 Dual Ghia, '49 Tucker, '49 Jeepster, '67 Pontiac, 53 Kaiser and a 48 Packard.
We didn't place, but there was only 5 points that seperated 1st from last. The Ghia was 1st, and the Stude was 2nd.

This show is held every year. There were approximately 1000 cars in total. Truly a show you should try to attend.
Here are a few pics. Besides a few Road Runners in the muscle car class, ours was the only Plymouth.

http://s456.photobucket.com/albums/qq28 ... =slideshow

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