crank bolt pattern

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crank bolt pattern

Post by roughn3ck » Wed Mar 24th, 2010 4:17

how many bolts are standard on the flywheel side of the crank is it 4 or 8 on the 49 plymouth motors ive got a 230 dodge and am having to replace my origanal motor due to droping a piston and cracking cilendar wall and am trying to figure out if the transmition in the 49 will have a fly wheel that will bolt right up or will i have to change it i already know if its a 8 it bolts right up to the dodge and if its a 4 it wont work but i dont know whats standard in the 49 is it the 10 inch clutch with 146 tooth flywheel with 4 or 8 bolt holes im sure one of you guys have torn into your clutch housings and have got this imformation already im trying to work smarter not harder and could use your advise thanx

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Re: crank bolt pattern

Post by Johnny_S » Wed Mar 24th, 2010 6:48

Go to the link above and search the archives for info on fluid-drive transmissions. You may have to register to search but the site is a good reference as well for a lot of mopar business.

Here's one piece of a thread on that P15-D24 site that will help a little .... at least in asking the correct questions:

"I have a 1947 Chrsler Royal Coupe, it has a dry clutch 3 speed trans and 3.73 rear end.
The fluid drive was removed, and was replaced with what I mentioned, in 1 way I wish that had not been done, but on the other hand, I like driving the car as it is now, lots of get up and go compared with a fluid drive set-up, regardless of the trans.

In order to convert yours to regular clutch and 3 speed trans you need the bell housing, trans or shorter input shaft. The rear engine mounts need to be moved forward, the clutch throw out rod needs to be shortened, and not a whole lot more to it.

The driveshaft you have may work, but not 100% sure.

As has been mentioned, the fluid drive is a very tough piece of equipment, and most likely you have the 3 spd trans, so you are not worrying about the electrical and mechanical items on an M5 or M6 semi-auto trans............"

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