Unearthing the interior

Upholstry and Interior Restoration.

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Unearthing the interior

Post by uglyrhino » Wed Aug 31st, 2011 1:00

Here are some things I pulled out of the glove box tonight.

I assume the medallions are window lever bezels.

The knob also seems to be for the window lever.

The two door handles don't seem to match.

I also found the original lading slip and the user manual.

Pretty sweet.
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Re: Unearthing the interior

Post by p18plywood » Wed Aug 31st, 2011 6:19

Check on ebay from time to time. Someone always has door handles and window rollers. Some of them are even NOS. Someone on htis site might even have some parts you are looking for.

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Re: Unearthing the interior

Post by Johnny_S » Sat Sep 3rd, 2011 4:46

The shipping document is great .... hang onto it. Make a copy for display and save the original in a protective sleeve (my recommendation at least). The door escutcheons look to be in great condition .... very nice. These were used on the Special Deluxe models. They are somewhat difficult to find in good condition and generally sell for anywhere from a couple bucks each to $20 bucks each. The door handle has seen better days and from the angle looks like it may be broken ... but that could just be the angle of the photo. When they get pitted like that they are really tough to restore properly .... so if you are looking for an upgrade here I'd suggest replacement via eBay huntin' rather than a restoration of ones that are pitted / corroded like that.

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