Removing interior water stains

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Removing interior water stains

Post by jhsartor »

Anyone have any good ideas how to, or even if it's possible, to remove the usual water stains on the
door panels without ruining the material.

Any helpful suggestions are deeply appreciated.


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Re: Removing interior water stains

Post by 194950dj »

Might try some various hard water/calcium buildup cleaners, used lightly and blushed when applied and after.

My interior cloth door panel and seat edges actually had paint overspray from an idiot painting the door jams as the exterior was done. Talked to a paint supplier about fabric dyes avail., but they no longer sold such and suggested a reuphostery shop about fabric dyes.

ON my car i bought spray cans of vinyl colors to match cloth color( from the auto paint store) and sprayed it on heavy and brushed it in with a small plastic scrub brush. Several coats ALMOST covered the overspray (red over grey cloth). Actually came out passible after several coats.

Presentable until i can afford new door panels and recover the seats. 8)

Good luck,

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