if anyone know where i can find a replacement fuel tank

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if anyone know where i can find a replacement fuel tank

Post by hillbilly271 » Sun Oct 8th, 2006 9:22

i need a replacement fuel tank and sender(for the gauge) for a 49 plymouth. if anyone know where i can find one it would be greatly apperciated

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Gas tank

Post by p18plywood » Tue Oct 10th, 2006 4:53

The best source I've found for such parts as the gas tank is ebay. They come up every once in a while and usually for less than $100. When someone is parting out a car you could email him to find out if it has a salvageable tank. If your old tank isn't completely rotted away, you might consider something like Gastank Renu. They will blast clean and bake on some kind of epoxy finish, inside and out. I have a woodie wagon and gas tank for these cars is unobtainable. The top of my tank has a lot of pin holes from condensation, so Renu is the only way to go for me. As for the sender unit, you could try all the usual suppliers of old Mopar parts( check online, Hemmings News, etc). Expect to pay $60 - $100.
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