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fuel tank

Post by sweetdeal49 » Mon Feb 8th, 2010 6:56

So for any one who has gone down the fuel tank road this story might be familiar,about 18hours earlier i asked about a plug on the bottom of the fuel tank [49 ply].Well wouldnt you know it did not come off easy,just to find out a slow river of tarry putty like substance rolling out, needless to say i dropped the tank bagged it up and will be discarding it asap. I have to tell you my wife and i are having a great time with this car seeing we are doing it together.

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Re: fuel tank

Post by Johnny_S » Mon Feb 8th, 2010 8:18

I can't speak for "all" tanks but the ones I'm familiar with have a small bronze/brass fittings that can be removed to drain the tank. Do you have a service manual for the '49 yet? If not, I'd suggest tracking one down on eBay. They are also available on CD ... I see them on eBay occasionally in both original paper format or on CD.

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