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Carb Setting

Post by UncleReeRee » Wed Jan 27th, 2010 10:27

ive got, prob simple, question. what is the setting on the carb? as if i were to screw the needle all the way in how many turns out to set? thanks :mrgreen:

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Re: Carb Setting

Post by mustanger7up » Thu Jan 28th, 2010 6:32

The service manual says nothing about the amount of turns for that, that I can see.
It does have this:

IDLE SPEED AND MIXTURE--With engine running at normal operating temperature, adjust engine idle speed at about 450 to 500 revolutions per minute. Then turn the idle mixture adjustment screw until the engine runs smoothly at idle speed. It may be necessary to readjust the idle speed slightly, because changing the idle mixture may change the speed. The most accurate way to adjust the idle mixture is with a vacuum gauge. Adjust mixture to obtain maximum reading, with a steady needle

The only other info I can find on that is out of the carb rebuild kit for idle adjustment:

Adjust throttle stop screw to crack throttle valve slightly. Start engine, adjust mixture screw until engine idles smoothly. Readjust stop screw to idle engine at approximately 450 rpm then readjust mixture screw if necessary.

Someone else may know about how many turns to turn the screw but I do not, sorry.

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