5.7 HEMI in 49 4 door

Without the engine all you have is an expensive piece of furniture.

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5.7 HEMI in 49 4 door

Post by lwebb » Fri Jan 9th, 2015 2:51

My apologies if there is a post out there dealing with this but I couldn’t find it if there is one. Lots of posts on other engine swaps but couldn’t find the 5.7.
I have a 5.7 HEMI with 5 speed transmission I want to put into my 49 p18 4 door. I already have front disk brakes so the fat man conversion for helping with the steering box isn’t an option. Has anyone done this? What all am I looking at for major problems in getting it to fit?

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Re: 5.7 HEMI in 49 4 door

Post by Johnny_S » Wed Aug 19th, 2015 6:25

That's a new one ! Haven't seen this one before.

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