12v conversion

What to do with all those wires.

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12v conversion

Post by Root Beer Stand » Tue Sep 13th, 2011 6:40

I made a post needing a generator and still do but after a good night's sleep it made me think now may be the time for a 12V conversion.
Is it a pain to do?
Will it hurt the value of Lucille?

"Lucille" the Grandkids, the Mrs, and me!!

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Re: 12v conversion

Post by Gromit » Tue Oct 11th, 2011 8:35

You only need to worry about value if you plan to sell her :)

For what it's worth I am contemplatingt this as well. an alternative I picked up when I had a '49 Ford was running an 8 volt battery. all the bullbs and electrics still worked, all we did was amp up the regulator

I will however likely do a 12 volt on mine when I get it. It will be a daily driver and I needs ma radio!

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Re: 12v conversion

Post by 194950dj » Wed Oct 12th, 2011 6:04

change to 12 volt is easy if your wiring is good.
most people make the change when they have elect. issues and need complete rewire which IS a pain, wires under headliner etc.
change to 1 wire alt. using original bracket,3/8" all thread, spacer etc. go to parts house for wide belt groove pulley( last one i got cost $25 !!!) swap wires on amp.gauge,voltage reducer for fuel sender.
change all bulbs, flasher, coil to 12v.(neg. ground) new bat. cables if won't fit tight when reversed. of course a battery!. how about a pertonix electonic ign. changeover, hi perf. coil while your at it, no more point adjustments!
6 volt starter is fine on 12v. just don't crank for long periods.
it's up to you about all the possibilities with 12v. stereos, hi perf. headlights, led bulbs for brake turn etc.

i personally did not want any of the hassles of 6 volt, but i'm sure many will disagree with me. I personally would keep the original charging wire taped up and put out of sight for future owners that may want original (do no damage, shouldn't hurt value) =P~

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