I Can't Get No, Satisfaction - or - My 49 P-18 Won't Start

What to do with all those wires.

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Re: I Can't Get No, Satisfaction - or - My 49 P-18 Won't Sta

Post by Johnny_S » Tue Mar 15th, 2011 6:45

I'd check compression as well ... no compression equals no "fire in the hole". Extremely bad rings or a hole in a cylinder could be the culprit as well. Your cylinders should read roughly the same compression across all 6.

Also ... using starter fluid (ether) versus gasoline may help test whether you are getting any fire at all. Starter fluid ... used in small amounts ... will give you the best chance of getting a cylinder to fire. Even better than gas. The downsides are: 1. It evaporates quickly. 2. It is efficient in starting the engine but sometimes can start it too fast (the oil in the crank case doesn't spin up as quickly and lubricate as quickly as you really want). So, its generally a good idea to crank the engine a few times BEFORE you add the starter fluid to get a little oil to start moving into the rest of the engine. 3. Its very flammable so you have to be careful and direct it ONLY into the carb. 4. Doesn't work as well ... because it evaporates quickly ... when it gets warmer. 5. Don't breathe it a lot ... but that holds true for all solvents and fuels.

But ... those are two other things I see that may need to be "investigated" ....


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