stainless refinishing

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stainless refinishing

Post by gary_lehocky » Thu Apr 1st, 2004 3:55

My stainless is pretty dull.  The rocker pieces are pretty well pitted and some rust.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to bring them back?

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Re: stainless refinishing

Post by p18plywood » Fri Apr 2nd, 2004 7:27

 There are two ways to restore stainless trim. You could bring it to a chrome and polishing outfit which can get pricey, or you can invest in some materials and do it yourself. You will need a buffing motor. These are either mounted to a workbench or on a stand that is floor mounted. You'll also need buffing wheels and assorted buffing compounds made just for stainless. The Eastwood company sells all the stuff needed for all kinds of metal polishing. You can check them online and maybe also do a search to see who else carries the supplies.Polishing is not that difficult, but hammering out dents in stainless is something else. Eastwood also has books on restoration of auto trim.
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Re: stainless refinishing

Post by Terra1936 » Wed Jun 2nd, 2010 1:09

What did you end up doing with the stainless trim? I see it has been a few years. I have a right front stainless fender trim that is pretty dented. I have never seen restored stainless or if I have I wasn't aware of it.

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Re: stainless refinishing

Post by Johnny_S » Thu Jun 3rd, 2010 11:09

Stainless can be restored fairly easily if you are patient. Several folks provide the service. Essentially they use a small very smooth anvil and small hammers to remove the dents and then buff the stainless smooth and shiny!

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