whats them holes for?

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John Hanna
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whats them holes for?

Post by John Hanna » Sun Oct 17th, 2010 12:02

Hello , I'am currently welding up my rusted floor boards and I'am almost done , but I've recently noticed two holes on the right side floor board next to the kick panel about 6 inchs apart and a rectangular outline.
doe's anyone know what may have bolted there , I'am thinking some type of blower motor maybe?
my model is a p-18 club coupe.
Thanks for any help.

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Re: whats them holes for?

Post by Johnny_S » Sun Oct 17th, 2010 5:48

Photos would help .... how big are the holes? ... I don't immediately recall any holes in the floor board on the passenger side that would be factory original. On the drivers side you have the access to the master cylinder and the access panel to the pedals/clutch area. On the passenger side as I recall there is a reinforced area where the body mounts to the frame near the kick panel ... so there would be at least one bolt hole there. All of the heating components on most (all?) of the P18 systems are underdash.

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