12-07-05 A Message & Update Info

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12-07-05 A Message & Update Info

Post by Specialdeluxe » Wed Dec 7th, 2005 2:09

Happy Holidays to all and a WELCOME to new members!

Every once in a while I read a post asking if the message board is still alive or not. With 22,300 web site hits, close to 200 registered members, and images in the photo gallery viewed 3,500 times, I'd say that the web site is doing pretty well.

As with all web sites similar to this one, it all depends on visitor participation. A little site history here... starting in 2002 and prior to this 2005 edition there was a main site and a message board. I also had a link page and a visitor gallery. All additions had to be emailed to me. I quickly became swamped with submissions. This is what prompted me to redo the site as automated as possible. Putting as much of the site in the hands of the visitor as possible.

So what happened to all of the submissions that were sent? I saved them all. My main focus has been to get the web site working the way I’d like it to. Next is to go back through all of the things that were sent to me. If they were sent by someone who is registered I would like to put the images in their photo gallery or post the info as an article submitted by them. I have a couple of ideas about how I plan to do this, I’ll figure it out.

Getting the members to return: I have a suspicion that my mass emails to members aren’t actually being sent to all members. I plan on sending out a mass email to attempt to notify ALL registered members that we are still here and to see how many email addresses are no longer valid.

I’ll leave this post reply able and I look forward to any suggestions or words of encouragement.

And now... the site updates:

I have updated the inner workings of the message board, knowledge base and the photo gallery.

Photo gallery - In the message board a link will now appear next to the www button and in the user's profile only if the user has a photo gallery with an image in it. There are several users who have begun uploading pics and I'd like to see more! I plan on writing a tutorial for the photo gallery since the faq page doesn't seem very helpful.http://www.49plymouth.com/gallery/

Knowledge base - I updated this to the current program and I am now working on implementing a wysiwyg html type editor to make the whole process of writing an article with images a whole lot easier.

Message board - The updates were done to keep the program current and to change some cosmetic items. The image resize in posts has been fixed.

Links Page - If there are any users who already have a list of useful '49 Plymouth links feel free to email it on in or submit some of them to the link directory.http://www.49plymouth.com/links/directory.php

Good going in your Plymouth! :driving:

Paul Schettner
'49plymouth.com - Webmaster

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