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by jkline
Tue Jan 21st, 2003 6:37
Forum: Quick Help!!!
Topic: Choke and oil filter picture
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Choke and oil filter picture

Hi Gang! I was wondering if there is someone out there willing to snap a few pickures of their car for me? I have a 1949 P18 Deluxe. What I'm looking for is a picture of the carb from the choke linkage side and a pic of the oil filter assy. I'm attempting to figure out what I'm missing and am having...
by jkline
Tue Jan 7th, 2003 5:04
Forum: Parts Wanted
Topic: Parts wanted
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Parts wanted

Hi All! I'm thrilled I found this site. Looks like there is tons of great data up here. Well anyway... I have a P18 Deluxe 4 Door and am looking for a few parts. One is the choke linkage. That would be the rod and the two clips. The other thing is a oil filter. I was looking at the shop manual page ...